I knitted with silver and drew you a mirror
To watch you behave like a blissful black sinner.
We walk our own path but, but you, oh dear brother,
You act like a stranger, you act like another.
We played a bold game, not of cards, nor of swords
A crude risky game that would crush all our words.

I remember you saying “There’s nothing to lose“,
They both came along, but which should we choose!?
With greed in both eyes “Them both!“, said the sinner,
But little did we knew there weren’t no winner.
And as the game ended our heart took an arrow,
We started to think we’ll be dead by tomorrow.

But dead we were not, instead we just glided
In pain and self pity our soul simply binded.
The prison was harsh, the hurting so sweet,
It thought us a lesson ’bout sorrow and greed.
It told us to reason with logic and sense
But did we, dear brother, did we really listen?



~ by mihailanga on December 30, 2011.

One Response to “Bipolar”

  1. Hey Mihailanga,
    Interesting Post, im wondering what specifically bipolar is and what it does to you? i read some stuff on the enternet, but i cant honestly get it though my head incredibly properly and i want to know from peoples sentiment as properly.

    i also believe that that i will probably be bipolar, or just depressed
    I’ll be back to read more next time

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