The scene is deaf…

Thy heart is numb, it has no pace
As we taste this cold embrace
And now the moon melts down on you
Your magic… seen by just a few.

We share a tree, or two, or three
This forest has it’s symphony,
It’s silence in the shady night
My soul is healed, there’s no more blight.

I close my eyes, and wait, in search of joy,
But i’m naiv, just like a little boy…
A sharp stiletto makes a coal-dark hole
Whilst poking through the depths of my soul.

I turn around and see your bloody hands,
Your childish look denotes your eager
To wipe my sap off your cold dagger
Like a wolf cleans his cursed long fangs.

A chilly breeze that petrifies my breath
Accompanies these tainted woods with death
The scene is grey, the scene is deaf…


~ by mihailanga on January 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “The scene is deaf…”

  1. i love it

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